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Corey Todd Attacker Indentified, $1 Million Paid For Hit

The man who shot and injured nightclub operator Corey Todd has been identified and police are saying he was paid $1 million for the hit.

Todd was shot in his arm at approximately 5 a.m. Thursday while closing the Taboo nightclub in Montego Bay which he owned and managed. A license firearm holder who was in his company shot and killed his attacker.

Cops recovered a Glock 17 9mm pistol from the dead man.

Cops say they are investigating the shooting as a possible hit out on the promoter/businessman.

Sources told the Star that the gunmen were paid $1 million to carry out the crime.

“Listen to me, that is all the information I have,” the source said. “The only reason why I called the newspaper is that I have been calling 119 since yesterday (Thursday) and nobody was picking up. I am not being involved in this any further.”

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