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Mavado Sues Jamaican MP For $20M In Failed Real Estate Deal

International dancehall superstar, David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado, has filed a lawsuit against Member of Parliament Paul Buchanan after issues developed in a $20 million housing deal between the two parties, THE STAR understands.

Information reaching our news desk is that as part of the agreement, the MP was contracted to construct a townhouse on a property located in Norbrook, St Andrew.

However, according to the deejay, five years later, Buchanan has failed to hand over a title, and the townhouse has not been constructed.

“I find it disgraceful that as a ghetto youth I have worked hard to make my money and pay my taxes, and this man, Paul Buchanan, can take 20 million that I gave him five years ago to purchase a house in Norbrook, and mi no get nothing. I have still not received my property and my money has not been returned to me with interest,” an irate Mavado said in a statement sent to THE STAR.

The Gully Gad, as he is affectionately called, has since instructed his lawyers to go ahead and file the lawsuit against the west rural St Andrew Member of Parliament. The STAR gathered that Tamika Harris, Mavado’s attorney, has already filed the lawsuit in the Supreme Court.

Buchanan became the political representative for the vast constituency, after uprooting the Jamaica Labour Party’s Andrew Gallimore in the 2011 General Election.

“He begged me for more time in November 2013 to handle the business, and now it is 2015 … I am from an area that is a majority PNP stronghold, and he is a PNP MP. I did not want to create any problems for the PNP, but it gone too far now. Ah five years since he got the money so I could buy a house for my mother, and mi caan get mi property or mi money. Mi have to sue fi recover mi money and get justice,” Mavado said.

When our news team contacted the member of parliament, he acknowledged being aware of the lawsuit and sought to clear the air regarding issues about the property.

Buchanan said, “Yes, I am aware of a lawsuit, but that is being dealt with by my lawyer. We are almost ready to respond.”

The MP continued, “The house is built. He bought a basic unit, house and land, four to five-bedroom house on about 5,000 sq ft. The difficulty is getting the title. We are trying to have that done in the next 60 days as only the sewage is left.”

THE STAR was also told that the lawyer representing the MP is preparing a timetable to provide the entertainer with an update and timeline for handing over the title.

“The house is there. If he goes there he would see that the place is up. What he wants is his title to get possession. We lived up to our obligations and they are to do the same. The parish council said just complete the sewage and the road and they will give us the title. We are preparing a schedule to complete and hand over a title,” said the member of parliament.

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