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Chronixx refers to President Barack Obama as a "wasteman"

Chronixx says he is prepared to be judged after he came under harsh criticisms on social media following a post on Instagram regarding the United States (US) criminal record of National Hero Marcus Garvey.

The outspoken reggae artiste criticised the fact that Jamaicans were glorifying a ‘waste man’, while Garvey, who he says “paved a peaceful and safe path for the US President to address us”, still has a criminal record in that country.

His post was made on the second day of US President Barack Obama’s visit to Jamaica.

He captioned a photo of Garvey: “This man...Still have a criminal record in The United States and we glorifying some waste man!”

The Dread and Terrible artiste continued to refer to the black race as a "race of good for nothings", adding “that's why black faces don't mean anything to Rasta anymore”.

His comments caused fans to erupt on Facebook and Instagram, chastising the artiste for being "disrespectful and out of line”. Others were shocked and disappointed, saying they never expected such a post from Chronixx.

He has since removed the post from Instagram, replacing it with one inferring that he is prepared to be judged for his opinion.

Accompanying a photo of Garvey, he wrote: “Evolution time now. After all the talk…judge and you shall be judged my elders say. I don’t mind the judgement of any Human family. I expect to be judged and told when I’m wrong…that’s actually a very healthy thing for me.”

The post continued to direct comments at the media, adding that: “The media will take it from here, twist it in the best interest of their “story”. And the struggle continues. Let jah be praised in all things. I read all the comments and now I see who is who! Love.”

As for the works of Garvey, Chronixx said: “May the teachings of our beloved Marcus Garvey forever take root in our hearts. May the leaders of today take counsel in his divine teachings. May our leaders of tomorrow reap the fruits of his timeless works.”

The artiste has previously spoken out on controversial issues concerning the Jamaican Government and ministers specifically. In one of his recent statements he chastised Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna on her performance in the ministry.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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