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Mavado Talks Vybz Kartel Collaboration, Deportation & More

Mavado is opening up about his recent collaboration with incarcerated dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel.

The “So Special” deejay and Kartel had one of the biggest feuds in dancehall history which divided dancehall into two groups, the Gullyside and the Gaza. The feud climaxed during a 2008 clash at Sting. It also triggered several violent outburst in schools and street dance across Jamaica prompting the government to call for a truce.

Late last year someone launched a petition on the White House website to have Mavado deportation which only garnered a few signatures.

Speaking with The Breakfast Club on Monday, Mavado dismissed the petition as garbage.

“You done know I have more than a million fans in America, like millions of fans, so picture someone trying to get a petition for Mavado to get deported and then my fans launching one to have Mavado stay,” Mavado said.

Mavado also opened up about his old beef with Vybz Kartel and his new collaboration “Ain’t Going Back Broke (Remix).”

“I just sent it to get mastered,” Mavado said about the single. The Gullyside deejay couldn’t confirmed whether or not Vybz Kartel recorded his verse from prison.

“Over the years we go at it hard, but you done know we are from the streets so real recognized real and after the storm there must be a calm,” Movado said about his old feud with Vybz Kartel.

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