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NotNice Talks Vybz Kartel 'Never Dropping His Guard'

NotNice released a new Vybz Kartel song “Neva Drop My Guard” earlier this year and fans are wondering if the two had settled their differences.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentenced in a maximum security prison for murder. But prior to his 2011 arrest, he had a huge fallout with NotNice where he sent his goons to confiscate the producer’s engineering equipments.

During a recent interview with Sanjay, NotNice said that it was easy for him to build back his career post Vybz Kartel fallout.

“The equipment them did seized but the talent wasn’t,” the producer said. “I was the one making the beats, Kartel was just singing on them.”

NotNice also confirmed that he has not spoken to the incarcerated deejay since he went to prison and the song was previously recorded.

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