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Alkaline mocked after falling on stage

Dancehall artiste Alkaline is making the rounds on social media after a video of him surfaced on Instagram yesterday.

The video, which can also be found on his personal Instagram account, shows the entertainer performing at a show in Suriname where he attempted to stand on top of the soundbox. The piece of equipment, however, could not withstand the pressure and flipped over, sending the singer tumbling down. His reflexes kicked in quickly and after doing an acrobatic backflip, the singer rose to his feet again to complete his performance.

The controversial deejay posted a video of the incident to his Intagram account, making light of the issue, with a caption saying, “When you think you’re a ninja”.

The video has also surfaced on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, receiving hundreds of comments.

Some social media users commended the entertainer for making fun of himself, stating that the best of entertainers have had their share of embarrassing falls on stage. But not all the comments were good, as some users took the time to bash the artiste.

“F…. yuh, you shoulda dead,” read one post.

Alkaline’s fans were quick to defend their artiste cursing out anyone who had anything negative to say, applauding the artiste for getting up and finishing the performance.

This is not the first time Alkaline has made the rounds on social media for his on stage mishaps. Last year, he made headlines after a female fan dragged him off stage during a performance in Trinidad, and earlier this year, the deejay was bottled at a show in Florida and had to end his set early due to an injury resulting from the ordeal.

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