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Popcaan causes racial dispute with caucasian girlfriend

Recording artiste Popcaan has become the subject of criticism on social media, after he posted a photograph on Instagram on the weekend, all snuggled up with a Caucasian woman whom he described as his “queen” and “boobie”.

Following Popcaan’s decision to post the photo, several seemingly upset female fans quickly went on a tirade on his page, where they accused the Only Man She Want deejay of suffering from a white-woman complex.

One online posting said: “These black men always making other race women seem to be better than us. It’s sad the way they put them up high”.

While another complained: “Every time a blackman get rich or have little money … they always go for the white b@#ch dem. Don’t remember the woman who love him when he was nothing and didn’t have nothing to give her. Popcaan is a b@#ch, and I am unfollowing”.

Further comments included: “I don’t know why you acting surprised. The only black women he post on his page is his mom, sister and his grandmother. You are all worried about the b@&#ches he is with? Worry about what he is not doing to help Jamaica or at least the kids there. That’s what unno need to cuss him about, and not the gyal him soon dash weh”.

Some seemingly upset Caucasian women also joined in the argument and defended Popcaan’s honour.

“Racism lives … and lives inside everyone of you who posted these nasty comments. For racism to die, you must clean yourself of your racist thoughts. A man made a choice to love a woman, what is wrong with that? Maybe there is a reason men don’t choose to love you because you obviously have hate in your hearts. Popcaan, do your thing. She is beautiful,” one Caucasian female posted.

While another said: “Some of these comments though … it’s not like a rat is f@##ing a cat. Aren’t Popcaan and his woman both humans? Smh”.

Popcaan’s photograph caught the attention of more than 10,000 persons on Instagram.

Legendary athlete Usain Bolt received a similar level of backlash in 2012 after it was revealed that he was dating European fashion designer Lubica Slovak.

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